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Designed to reduce the height of photopolymer printing plates, the flexible mounting material allows printers to achieve: 


  • Consistent ink coverage 

  • Reduced dot gain 

  • Less fluting on corrugated substrates 

  • Excellent imaging for complex print jobs cbak™ has an excellent memory and rebound characteristics enabling you to print with reduced pressure setting prolonging the life of the printing plate. High-quality PE foam, cbak™ is water and solvent resistant and dimensionally accurate across the web eliminating high and low spots. With high press speed and long demanding print runs, cbak™ is engineered to stand up to the ever-increasing demands on today’s printers. 

  • Available in 7 thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 4mm

  • Fixed adhesive eliminating stretch cbak™ can be supported by PET up to 1,650mm in width and any configuration.

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