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cbak™ Lux

cbakLUX is an innovative new plate backing material for corrugated post print and HQPP (High Quality Post Print) brought to you exclusively by Leadedge Flexo. cbakLUX goes above and beyond current market solutions by benefiting the plate at all stages of its supply chain.


The materials main benefits against current market products:


  • The LUX layer encapsulates the foam and acts to increase recovery through resistance. (diagram)

  • The LUX layer coupled with Leadedge Innovative “Lay flat” laminating technology allows for a perfectly flat carrier/cliché.

  • Embossed foam often and especially in thinner gauges comes through in print. This would not happen with cbak LUX as the foam structure is not altered it is the LUX layer that is embossed.

  • The LUX layer allows for easy movement of plate on press so to make set-up easier and more efficient.

  • The LUX layer allows easier plate storage, moving and handling as the layer stops plates/clichés sticking together in racking and when stacked or in transit.

  • cbak LUX still encompasses all the features of award winning cbak cushion.


cbakLUX offers performance improvements in print and in handling and offers great stability.

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