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MATRIX Precision Mount

The Matrix Precision mount has been specifically designed and engineered for HQPP (High Quality Post Print) in the corrugated print industry. Investing in the latest innovative digital cutting equipment and working closely with suppliers LeadEdge Flexo have streamlined and automated parts of their production process to create greater uniformity and conformity to quality specifications. 


Key Features:


  • Polyester/mount preparation using digital large format cutting table specially designed for the cutting of large format roll and sheet materials.

  • New manufacturing processes specifically developed for Matrix Precision Mounts.

  • Lead and trail edge strips added under air vacuumed conditions to ensure straight and linear application.

  • Working hard with suppliers LeadEdge has influenced great change in the manufacturing process of Lead and Trail edge strips/profiles. To enable tighter tolerance and critical measurements.

  • QC’S and measurement made using state of the art Image based quality control system unique to Leadedge.

  • Registration punch added using digital punching system.

  • Trail edge rule added on centre line for skewing measurement.

  • Throughout the production process, the Matrix Precision Mount has a stringent documented QC procedure. Measurements are documented both electronically and tangibly via a certificate of conformity with every 10 mounts.

  • Matrix Precision Mount can be made with all thicknesses of our award-winning cbak and cbakLUX cushion attached. Giving the customer the perfect solution for corrugated High-Quality Post Print.

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