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Expertise is a catalyst. Join our prepress revolution today!

For today’s printers and the trade shops they rely on, success demands more than just the latest machinery and a willing team.


To cut through market noise and deliver service above and beyond expectations, expertise and technical finesse make all the difference. That’s exactly why at LeadEdge, we are such a trusted force in the corrugated and flexographic print industry.


As margins compress and packaging and label designs become ever more complex, run-to-run print excellence is the sign of a supply chain that understands that every stroke, every hue, and every substrate contribute to a larger narrative. When we partner with a business, we’re not just bringing the latest in corrugated printing and flexographic printing technology, we are also providing the in-depth expertise that helps our customers make the most of every innovation.


In short, we’re leading a revolution in plate mounting. Here’s how this comes to the forefront in everything we do:


Expertise means… swapping ordinary for extraordinary


Trade shops and their printer customers know that first impressions are everything. Exceptional quality is expected, and it is no longer the competitive edge it once was. The challenge for printers is to maintain that level at all times, which is where a partner like LeadEdge enters the equation.


With a combined 50 years of experience across corrugated and flexo printing, our business understands the pressures that flexo printers and trade shops are under. Not only that, but we understand where the key growth opportunities come from.


This experience is evident in everything we do, from the services we provide to the products that make up our market-leading range. From the innovative mounting products, tapes and closed-cell materials that drive printing success, to the next-gen cutting and finishing equipment we use to deliver exemplary quality, our customers are assured of the highest possible quality, made simple.


Expertise means… combining solutions for greater impact


Our product range spans from cliché mounting accessories to plate filing and storage solutions. We go beyond the role of manufacturers and suppliers, proudly working as a partner. The difference is that we take time to understand the needs of our customers, to find the solution that works for them. No two printers are alike in setup and resources, so our technical team will never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Expertise, for our team, means understanding the bigger picture of printing. As well as being able to offer support in areas of workflow integration and product alignment, we support our trade shop customers with knowledge of design-to-print operations, file preparation and artwork origination.


The products in our range are a great example of how we put our technical knowledge into practice. For instance, our cbak™ mounting material helps printers to boost stability, predictability and repeatability. For printers looking to advance in areas of sustainability, we also supply cbak evolve™, engineered with more than 30% bio-based ingredients. Meanwhile, cbak™ blankets, attached directly to the print cylinder, provide the performance benefits of cbak™ with options for a magnetic system, adhesive, or piggyback system.


Expertise means… delivering beyond expectations


We are one of the leading names in the corrugated printing supply chain. In fact, it’s what we’re best known for. But, did you know we’re also a key player in flexographic printing?


Just take a look at our extensive range. Our innovation in ancillary solutions for flexographic print is designed to impress, and help flexo printers balance performance, accuracy and speed (and make it look effortless). From concept to print, we put the focus on helping our customers access new levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), ensuring efficient and effective operations.


While print methods evolve and change over time, we use our extensive technical expertise to ensure trade shops always have access to the technology that delights printers and solves the real-world challenges they face.


Expertise means… being the supply chain partner you couldn’t be without


With decades of experience in material science, we have first-hand knowledge of the pain points that printers experience. This means when we develop new prepress products or services to the corrugated and flexographic printing sectors, they respond to real-world challenges.


LeadEdge Flexo is the support you need, without the hassle. We’re open and transparent, and we keep our promises. Our team prides itself on going over and above to ensure we’re not just the go-to name in flexo and corrugated solutions, but that we stay that way. 

Hungry for prepress innovation, or looking to find new competitive edges in your print processes? Join our revolution and get in touch with our team today.


Welcome to the new era of flexo and corrugated excellence with LeadEdge.



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