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LeadEdge Flexo develops fast-drying plate sealer to deliver huge gains in corrugated post-print production

LeadEdge Flexo, a renowned innovator in the field of corrugated and flexo printing solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of 347 Plate Sealer, the fastest-drying plate sealer available on the market that has been developed to improve and unlock additional production efficiencies.


Forming a skin in just 3 minutes and 47 seconds – hence the name – 347 Plate Sealer has been formulated by LeadEdge Flexo in response to customer feedback for a faster drying solution. 347 Plate Sealer helps secure plates in place on the shim more rapidly, quickly creating a protective barrier to prevent debris and fluids disrupting the mounting process. It also expedites getting to hanging and stacking of print stereos. The result? Production is optimised and efficiencies gained.


This compares to a previous drying time of 20-30 minutes, as with the previous version. Having gone back to the drawing board with the product development team, 347 Plate Sealer has been formulated by LeadEdge Flexo to deliver an industry-leading drying time.


LeadEdge Flexo Sales Director Jon Moore explains: “We're all ears to our customers’ needs and regularly make moves to optimise their production. We listen and work hard, as evidenced by the introduction of our latest innovation, 347 Plate Sealer.


“An innovative new formula forms a skin in under 4 minutes, which whilst being the fastest on the market, more importantly, allows our customers to make big gains and unlock additional production efficiencies.”


As the flexo industry at large continues to look for new ways to innovate and become more efficient and sustainable, developments such as 347 Plate Sealer from LeadEdge Flexo are important to this aim. As an essential part of the process, print stereos (printing plates) are a specific area where there remains potential to make improvements in corrugated post-print manufacturing and increase the efficiency of the overall production environment. Improvements to sealing plates on a shim illustrate exactly that.


Jon said: “Knowledge of the printing process is one of the pillars of our success and enables new-found levels of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to be realised by our customers. Plate sealers are a part of that and is an area where we can help make genuine gains.


“This new product is the solution for those frustrated by the slow drying times of plate sealers. 347 Plate Sealer promises to help the flexo industry reach new levels of production efficiency, as even the smallest tweak can lead to huge gains!”


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