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The next evolution of corrugated plate mounting materials

The high-performance cbak™ mounting material range now includes cbak evolve™.  

The outstanding quality you expect from LeadEdge products, reformulated for a new age. 


We’re reimagining corrugated plate mounting materials for a more sustainable future. Will you join us?  


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Introducing cbak evolve™

The pressure is on to build a more environmentally conscious corrugated printing industry, and every single part of the process is an opportunity for progress.  


Why should plate mounting be any different? 


That's why we’ve launched cbak evolve™, a new reformulated variant of our tried and tested cbak™ closed-cell foam mounting material for corrugated printing. 


With cbak evolve™ mounting material, over 30% of the synthetic fossil-based ingredients, such as oils, have been replaced with natural plant-based bio extracts. It’s another important step towards industry-wide circularity! 


It sounds like a straightforward switch, but ensuring the new formula still delivers the press performance our customers expect is a major engineering challenge, made possible with our technical expertise. Modulating plate pressure for vibrant and reliable corrugated printing has never been easier! 

We believe that corrugated printers need never choose between sustainability and performance. Just like the cbak™ mounting material it is based on, cbak evolve™ brings comprehensive advantages to our customers, including: 


Consistent ink coverage for 

predictability and consistency

cbak™ evolve form
Looking for new sustainability gains through your corrugated printing? 

See the LeadEdge difference for yourself, get in touch today and learn more about cbak evolve™


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