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Your guide on the path to flexographic success

Welcome – if you’ve reached this page, you’re ready to take your flexographic printing to the next level and explore what we have to offer. 

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t know it well enough”, you’ll already know what we’re all about.  At LeadEdge Flexo, we are on a mission to make the complex world of flexographic and corrugated printing straightforward.  
With over 50 years of combined experience in the corrugated and flexographic printing industries, our team is one of the most trusted and accomplished in the field. 
Below, we tell you a little more about LeadEdge, what drives us and what we can do for your business. 

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Introducing LeadEdge Flexo 

So, who are we? Our journey began with a vision - a vision to provide truly value-adding solutions to the challenges faced by businesses in the print industry.

Our range of corrugated and flexographic products is based on our customers’

needs and pressure points, not what works for us.  


We focus on practical, innovative and high-performance solutions with no fuss.  


We believe in the power of technology, investment in our people, and a deep understanding of the flexo printing process.  


These pillars have been the foundation of our success from day one, and they are the same principles we bring to every client we serve. 

Meet our co-founders

Introducing the co-founders of LeadEdge Flexo,

Michael Owen and Jon Moore.


Michael Owen

Global Technical Director

  • Michael Owen

With over 25 years of experience in the graphics and printing industry, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to LeadEdge Flexo. His expertise in the corrugated print process has been instrumental in shaping the success of our business. Michael's journey began 14 years ago when he co-founded LeadEdge Flexo Ltd. Over the years, he has been a driving force behind our business strategy, quality management systems, and team. Michael's keen focus on enhancing our business profile and ensuring the supply of quality finished products to our clients and partners is unwavering – and always impresses.


Jon Moore

Global Sales & Marketing Director

Jon’s career spans more than 32 years in the graphics and printing industry. With a deep understanding of Flexo, Gravure, and Corrugated print processes, Jon has been responsible for one of the largest graphic supply facilities at the director level. His experience extends globally, having worked with some of the largest graphics suppliers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Jon's expertise includes business strategy, business growth, process analysis, professional training, and project management. His vast professional network within the print industry is a testament to his dedication and contributions.

In printing, every single job is a chance to impress and grab attention, but achieving perfection can be a challenge. That's why we launched cbak™, our closed-cell foam mounting material. 


Designed in direct response to the challenges your business faces today, cbak™ is more than just a mounting material; it's a problem-solving tool.  


What can you expect with cbak™? Here’s eight fantastic benefits our technology brings:  


Consistent Ink Coverage 

Inconsistent ink coverage can lead to print imperfections and every printer’s enemy, waste. The construction of cbak™ ensures that your jobs are consistently sharp and vibrant, setting the stage for outstanding results.

What’s more, cbak™ is available in seven thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 4mm, and its fixed adhesive eliminates stretch, ensuring hassle-free application.  


Ready to learn more about LeadEdge Flexo and how our cbak™ mounting material can help underpin quality from prepress to a finished product? 


Contact us today to discover how you can transform your flexographic and corrugated printing experience. 

Begin your journey with LeadEdge Flexo

We wont pass on your information to any third parties.


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